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Rank sites that generate leads for small biz (#1 passive income)

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These sites make passive income for years to come:

The training will show you how to build & rank sites like above

That generate FREE organic traffic from Google

Which turn into phone calls for your clients

Once these sites rank, they generally stay ranked longterm, so its consistent auto-pilot income every month once the initial work has been put in.

Repeatable & Scalable:

1. Niche Selection

Begin by doing market research to identify phone-driven businesses that are hungry for leads. There are millions of markets to work within. We have a process of identifying the most lucrative niches that are still easy to rank. 

2. Build the Site

Once you've found your niche, you'll build out a site. No HTML or coding required. Building out a great looking and functional website is extremely easy to do with our in-house click & drag builder! Plus we have templates for various niches to choose from.

3. Optimize & Rank

We utilize cutting-edge SEO tactics & leverage our group of 7000 students to dominate Google rankings. Top of Google is prime real estate, a piece of property heavily desired by biz owners. 

4. Rent it out

Once your site is ranked, you'll rent it out to a suitable local business by sending them FREE leads at first. Our sites generaly make $500-$2500 a month. Showing a biz owner you already have leads, makes it easy to rent out your property.

Once ranked, these sites require very little maintenance

Which means you can rinse & repeat the process and keep scaling

Over 7000 students & growing...

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Meet Dan:

  • Coaching since 2014, serial entrepreneur that's built several successful businesses (net worth $50 mil)
  • Actively coaches in the group, live coaching 2x per week
  • He's passionate about making a difference in students, a true teacher of not just lead gen skills but how to be a great entrepreneur

Ippei describes why he loves lead gen...

  • Ippei is one of the top students from the program, he joined in 2014
  • He's at $50K per month with lead gen clients
  • He's one of the success coaches in the group

Why he likes lead gen?

  1. Not Saturated
  2. High-demand skill
  3. Long-lasting results